Private Sessions

In the comfort of your home I’ll help you tackle the most burning issues, your biggest fears, and provide you with the tools and confidence to raise your newborn in a safe, supportive and loving environment.

The below sessions are outlines for what can be learned and discussed but it’s important to take into account that these are not templates, and sessions with family’s are never “copy, paste”.

Each private session (2H) is curated specifically for you, your partner, (if you’re not a single mom) and your baby, to fit your needs and help you in the most optimal way.

Below you will find recommended times for each session. If you have a partner for the journey, I highly recommend they be a part of these sessions since we’re all in this together.

Session 1

Be in the Know
(approx. 1 month prior to birth)

You’ve chosen a prenatal course and feel as prepared as you can be for the big day. Good for you! The birth is without a doubt a journey you will never forget and is the exciting beginning of parenthood. But then parenthood actually begins and perhaps you’ve forgotten to think about what’s to come the day after you give birth and the weeks and months to follow. The knowledge I can provide you with can and will change the way you perceive the next few months- terrifying or empowering?

We’ll start from the basics of making sure the house is baby ready, what you actually need for the beginning stages and what is unnecessary. We’ll talk about the first days in the hospital, what to expect (the big no-no’s and the big yes-yes’s), and how to prepare for your homecoming celebration including proper nutrition for a new mama. I’ll tell you about emotional and physical aspects and the roller-coaster of emotions you may experience as parents as well as what your newborn will be experiencing (fourth trimester ring a bell? Don’t worry if it doesn’t, we’ll talk about that too). I want you to feel ready for the birth but more importantly, no less ready for the days after.

No need to “fake it till you make it” this time around. Knowledge is power and I’m here to share with you everything I know and answer any questions you may have.

Session 2

Parenthood: where do I fit in?
(1st week after birth)

Home sweet home. It’s been a crazy ride and I want to hear all about it. Let’s process what happened during the birth for all who were present, and see where things currently stand; emotionally and physically. I’ll guide you through the new mom’s physical changes during these first few weeks and how they can affect your sex life.

I’ll help you understand what your baby is feeling and how you can better answer his/her needs. How to hold and how to sooth (TMS), how to dress, what they should wear and of course the first bath (get the camera ready!). You’ll learn how to tell when your newborn is feeding properly (whether breastfed or formula), how to help them sleep safely, general cues and the differences between baby blues and postpartum depression.

Session 3

There’s no I in parent
(age of 1 month)

Doing it all yourself doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you tired. It takes a village to raise a child but let’s start with your own personal support system- whether it be your partner, family, friends or babysitter. Let’s talk about those feelings of guilt that you can’t shake off, how to care for yourselves and the baby, and how to give others the confidence to help.

During this session we’ll talk about your newborns daily schedule that can come into play since day one. The difference between night and day, wake windows and sleep time, activity ideas, digestion, gas and everything is between. If I haven’t already gotten you out the door by this point, we’ll talk about a day out with your little one, how to keep to their schedule while being flexible and why organization is the key to spontaneity. Last but not least- let’s talk about the 3 P’s; Pacifiers, pumping and productivity.

Session 4

From Dawn to Dawn
(age of 3 months)

Let’s take a moment to collect all the greatest tips you’ve heard so far. From your mom, your neighbour and that random person on the street.

You know who I’m talking about, all the people who know how to raise your child better than you do. Now let’s take all those tips, put them aside and talk facts.

Let’s learn about you baby’s next steps, when they’ll flip and when they’ll crawl, growth spurts to look out for, the 4-month crises (for us parents) and the power of consistency.

We’ll talk about ideas for what you can do with your baby during the day, when to tire them out and when to relax, the soon welcomed arrival of melatonin together with good sleep habits and the power of nighttime ceremonies.

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about relationships and how yours seems to have changed since the birth. Nope, we will not be having a therapy session but I will give you some practical tools to help keep those communication lines open, to ensure a happy and healthy partnership called parenthood. To remind you that you’re more than just Mom and Dad.

Session 5

New Beginnings
(age of 5 months)

Time flies when you’re having fun or maybe it couldn’t come fast enough. Your baby seems so much more grown up and changing rapidly, you’re planning on going back to work and s.he will be starting kindergarten. Exciting and nerve-wracking!

How will the staff know how to care for him.her, what if I’m still breastfeeding, what instructions should I give for formula feeding? What if they have a different schedule than the one we have at home? And how does one even begin with solids at this time?

We will talk about it all, step by step to ensure you’re both as relaxed as can be as you undergo these fundamental changes. We’ll go through the developmental changes that await you and how to make sure your house is baby safe.

*Solids, developmental stages and baby proofing are all relevant even if your baby is staying with you for a few more months!