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Guiding Real Parents

Urban Moms Circle

Starting soon, in the center of TLV, a safe haven for all moms. No judgment here, just a place to talk, share or just listen, and be part of a community of moms, just like you. Motherhood can be lonely and challenging, especially during the first year and there’s no reason you should be going through it alone.

My name is Ilana Zoaretz, I’m married to Hai and the mother of Yaara Hallel.

The journey of motherhood brought me to where I am today; a certified Postpartum Doula.

I have years of experience in running chaos; from TV industry trade shows in Cannes to managing tailor-made trips from A-Z for VVIP clients who came to Israel expecting only the very best. Damage control and smooth sailing were my middle name. It came naturally to me, to be the quiet during the storm.

When I became a mother, I looked at the tiny bundle in my arms and realized that all I’ve done so far was a piece of cake. My biggest task was just beginning; Motherhood.

I faced my fair share of challenges even before the birth and lived to tell the tale but it was when I watched as friends around me, one by one, got lost in the whirlwind of parenthood that I truly understood that it wasn’t “just me”. We’re all in this together.

I knew then and there that a change was needed. A fundamental change, and I would make it my life’s mission to be a part of it. Parenthood can be difficult, lonely, emotional, exciting, scary, tiring… and all of it can happen together which also makes it- overwhelming and emotionally confusing, to say the least.

My goal is to help you regain control. To come prepared. To learn about “the day(s) after” in advance so that you know what’s coming. I truly believe that with the right preparation and guidance, prior to the birth and in real time, this otherworldly experience can become so much more empowering and positive. My mission to help as many parents as possible overcome this delicate first year united, empowered and confident.

What parents say

I’m a Postpartum Doula, a village of one. I know you’re not alone and if you let me in, you’ll know it too.

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