I didn’t have time to eat today.

This isn’t the first time, yesterday I had just a few snacks, I think. I wasn’t hungry, or maybe I was and just forgot after so many hours.

But it’s ok, I’m fine. I’m fine as long as she’s ok.

All that matters is that she was fed, slept well, was calm, enjoyed the view. Again, and again and again…

Tomorrow I’ll do better. Unless… no matter. It’s not like I have the time anyway and hey, maybe this’ll help me get back in shape a little faster.

Funny how that use to seem like healthy logic to me. Survival mode. For me, for her. It was more than ok that she came before me, it was essential. I know I’ll be ok, but look at her.. she’s helpless without me. I’m all she has.

And you know what? You’re right. They are and they do need us now, for everything. And they will continue needing us for several more years.

But you, how will you be there, whole heartedly, when you’re not taking care of yourself?

How will you have the strength, patience, flexibility, sensitivity if you’re still in survival mode? For days, weeks, months…

This isn’t the example for an extreme situation. It isn’t him/her or you.

Remember that it’s ok that she’ll have crumbs on her head.

That it’s ok if he stares into space while you eat.

The she cries a few moments longer while you go to the bathroom.

That he’ll sleep in the stroller and not in the ac because you needed to breath.

It’s ok. You’re ok. More than ok, and so is s.he.

This pic is that moment that I needed so much.

Can you relate to the above?

What did you do for yourself today?